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  Ma 'anshan Liyuan Industrial Co., LTD. Is an Integrated production company. which provides the production of flanges series, ring forgings series and slewing ring series. as well as design of the productions. Ma 'anshan Liyuan Industrial Co., a national high-tech enterprise,

  Ma 'anshan Liyuan Industrial Co., LTD. is located in Maanshan city, Anhui Province, with more than 280 employees, including 6 senior technicians, 32 intermediate technicians and many skilled workers.

  The company has two ring forging production lines-one is large-sized and the other is medium-sized, and a complete set of CNC slewing ring production lines, forming a complete industrial chain and quality control system from raw material management, forging rolling, forging heat treatment to slewing ring production.The annual output of ring forgings is more than 300,000 pcs and slewing ring more than 200,000 pcs. Due to timely delivery and outstanding cost control advantages, the company has established long-term cooperative relations with sany Heavy Industry, XCMG Group, Xingma Automobile and other customers, and the products are well received by customers.

  High-quality productions comes from: Strict control of raw materials, advanced ring forging equipment, rigorous forging process, professional technical team.

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